Chapter 5 - The infamous Frank Nagy

Frank Nagy he is a 43-year-old man that lives in Buda by Zugliget is in the outskirts of the city. He is a tall very handsome individual with blonde hair with blue eyes sporting a mustache and a trimmed beard. He has a daddy body which means not too svelte not to too chubby just the right amount of meat in the bones to be attractive.  He is a lawyer working for the past three years for the advertising industry.  His main job is to make sure that the content of all advertising is not offensive to the general public specially the government since this year are the elections. His job is kind of monotonous.  He enjoys the job, but he is looking for more excitement in his life.

He lives in a modern  third floor flat furnished with Ikea furniture using the Feng Shui style as a template. He shares his 70 square meter flat with his dog Szundi a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is very affectionate but a bit stubborn similar to his owner. Frank takes him out for walks religiously three times a day no matter what the weather is. Nowadays it is raining so their walks are not as pleasant as when the walks were in the summers.  Szundi does not mind getting wet at all as a matter of fact he enjoys the cold rain on his face. He snorts frequently just to show his happiness.

Frank usually works remote also known as “home office” but also enjoys working from the office as well since he gets to meet people and socialize.  Specially that the advertising industry is full of beautiful women, and he is “fishing” for a relationship. Frank dresses smartly when he goes to work. He makes sure his black leather shoes are shiny with no scuffs, his pants and shirts are neatly ironed and his sport jacket hangs well on him.  The final touch is a copious spray of man’s cologne next to his jugular. Now he is ready to face the world and to break the ladies’ hearts!

He arrives to the office in his antique but well-kept Ocean Metallic Blue Porsche 986. This car is a chick-magnet.  He parked it neatly in his assigned place in the garage to make sure there were no other vehicles around him to ding or scratch his car.  Frank is very meticulous about his prized possessions.

Upon arrival to the office Klara, a long perfectly shaped legged woman with stiletto shoes comes prancing into his office and sets down on his desk a set of files.  This is the workload for the day.  Upon her exit she swings her ass behind to advertise that she is not wearing any underwear.   Well fun time is over and now he must concentrate in the pile of papers in front of him.  He is hoping that there would be at least one interesting project for today.  That might be wishing for too much.

Frank feels like he is stuck in his life, he is not going backwards but yet he is not going forward.  He is in limbo in his life.  He feels anxious and confused and always looking for something that he is not sure of. He seems to be riding an emotional roller coaster between being happy when he drinks with his buddies and depressed when he wakes up every morning after getting drunk.  He soon realizes that the only time that he is really happy is when he drinks but he also knows that drinking will lead him to be an alcoholic so he must suppress this behavior. He feels he needs guidance or help to make him feel better.

This past Friday when he was drinking at the regular pub with his buddies. Gergely asked him how things were going.  Gergely asked because he knew that there was something unusual and or different about Frank.  Frank told him of his recent feelings, and he conveyed that he needed guidance or advice.  Gergo recommended to visit a psychiatrist that he once used before….  He recommended to visit Dr. Horvath a well-established psychiatrist in the Pest side of the city.  Frank ponders for a while and decides to visit her.

Interlude Közjáték


“Today is the day that I meet Dr. Horvath” Frank thought.  “ I am really anxious, and I really don’t want to go but I think it will be a good experience”  …

He wanted to find again the “ good old” Frank. The one that used to laugh at a lot about everything including things that were not that funny.  “I have to find him again” as he murmured under his breath.  Frank does not have much hope but with a bit of luck it can be a flirtatious encounter between the “head shrink” and him. 

He hoped that she will have interesting questions that will engage him or at least that she is an attractive woman.  He always heard that there is sexual tension between a patient and a doctor, and he wanted to experience this.

Finally, the time comes to visit Dr. Horvath. He goes into the building , press the 7th floor button on the elevator and goes into suite 713 which has a plaque stating, “Dr. Horvath Psychiatrist”. He walked into the waiting area like he has been there before and proceeded to enter into her office without thinking about knocking.  Dr. Horvath was at her desk taking notes from the previous patient and was startled by his abrupt entrance.

“May I help you?” Dr. Horvath stated nervously

“Yeah, I am here to see the shrink are you, her secretary?” Frank said out loud

“ I am Dr. Horvath please take a sit and I will be right with you.  Next time please knock and wait before you enter, ok?” said Dr. Horvath

“Oh, sure whatever you say doc!” Frank  replied.

Without waiting for a clue to start talking Frank said - “ I feel like I am stuck in my life, and I am not going anywhere. I feel like the spinning wheels of a truck stuck in mud!  I don’t sleep well, I have no significant partner, my job is boring and there is no reason for me to get out of bed in the morning. I also think I am drinking too much but I just can’t seem to stop.” – Frank stated

“ How much are you drinking and sleeping Mr. Nagy?” – Horvath said

“ I need to drink to sleep so I drink a beer or two with a whisky chaser.  Is that important?” – Frank asked

“ Well even before we continue I am going to prescribe to you a medication that will help you break this habit since it might not lead to anything good. “  - Horvath mentioned

“ How many visit until you fix me?” = stated Frank

“ It all depends on you and how honest you are in answering the questions that I will ask” – Horvath said

“Shit, I always tell the truth” Frank said with a smirk on his face.

“Well tell me a little about yourself, your childhood, growing up, etc.” – Dr Horvath

“My real name is Ferenc, but I always go by Frank.   I grew up in the outskirt of the city in a small village where everyone knows everyone else.  We know all the little “skeleton in the closet” of each other so we always had to be at our best behavior. I have a younger brother named Balint who is 41sh that I still lives in the same place we were born.  Mom and dad were common parents nothing extraordinary.  My parents were the first generation in my family to complete the University and back then it was a big achievement to have an education.  My brother and I get along fairly well but I felt that I had more ambition that him. We went to different Universities; I became a lawyer, and my brother did not finish his studies.  Now he is working for an IT company earning twice as much as me and he does not even have a university degree.  I am a bit jealous of this but I don’t wish him any harm.  I practice contract law at an advertising company. I am more or less happy with this, but I guess I still feel empty inside.”  - Frank said

“Have you had any long-term relationship in the past few years?” asked Horvath

Frank replied – “It all depends on what you call a long-term relationship.  If you call a month a long-term relationship, then yes!”

Horvath replied – “One month is not considered a long-term relationship so let’s assume that you have not had a long-term relationship.  Is there any person in your life that you have feelings for? “

Frank replied – “Yes I have a dog that I love”

Horvath did not continue the dialogue and changed it to a new topic.

“Look into you magic ball and tell me what you see in five years into the future?” she mentioned

Frank replied  “You should look into my magic balls! That is why I am here”


To be continued …



Sporting = In this context it means wearing a mustache

Trimmed = groomed = well taken care of no hair out of place

Svelte = Karcsú= thin and athletic

Template = sablon = a way of following a pattern

Affectionate =  Szerető = openly show feelings

Religiously = doing things like a habit without skipping

Conveyed = deliver, presented, explained = Közvetített

Smartly = elegantly dressing, with a lot of style

Scuffs = scratches = Karcolások

Smirk = a small smile usually done after thinking

Pressed = in this content it means ironed = Vasalt

Jugular = the large artery runny across your neck

Copious = a healthy amount = Bőséges

Meticulous = careful = in this content he is gondos

Stiletto shoes – a shoe with a very thin heel like an Italian knife called stiletto (thin and long blade)

Prancing = lke moving her body in a rhythmical manner = pajkos

Limbo = an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition

Suppress = push down or prevent from happening = Elnyom

Ponder = to think heavily =  Latolgat

well-established = has been doing this for a long time and has a good reputation

flirtatious = having a sexual undertone in conversation =  kacér

plaque = a sign = névtábla

abrupt = rough and fast entrance = hirtelen

startled = surprised, not expecting

skeleton in the closet = dirty little secret



Is Frank a person you can become friends with?

Do you think Frank is a chauvinist individual?

What do you think Frank needs in his life?

What do you think is missing in his life?