Chapter 4 - Zsofia Fish

Zsofia Fish is a 40-year-old middle-aged woman with medium to short size stature she has shoulder length light brown hair with an ovel with a pronounced smirk. She dresses conventional most of the time wearing pastel colors because it complements her skin color. She works in the complaints department in K&H bank in the Oktogon district.  She has been working there for one and a half years but she is fed up with hearing people being unhappy and her stress level is going through the roof. She does not have a specific area of study, but she enjoys being around people and excellent at empathy and a great listener.  She has an acute sense of solving hard problems therefore she is perfect for the job she is performing.

She has suffered through many hardships in her life.  She does not have a work life balance, this balance has disappeared many years ago.  She is searching for her lifeline, even though she is doing well at her job she is in a stage of terminal burnout.  She does not feel efficient at her job since her heart is not in it. She feels stuck due to this job situation her lack of a boyfriend, and no short-term vision of her future. 

She lives in district VII in a small 40 square meter flat that she inherited from her grandfather.  The flat is on the second floor and conventionally furnished.  Her most prized  item in the flat is a Dolce Gusto coffee maker which she is addicted to its elixir.  Even though she loves pets she feels she cannot keep one in this tiny flat and because of her work schedule.  Her family lives in Miskolc in a small house. Mom and dad are advanced in age, and she is an only child.  She can foretell that she will need to take care of them soon. Another situation to be stressed about.

Her daily live is so stressful that sometimes for no reason at all she starts to sweat, starts to cry and starts trembling.  This are the classic symptoms of a panic attack, but she is not aware of this.  These episodes are happening more frequently now.  They are appearing at least once a day.  She must do something.

Even though she works a lot she decides to meet Dori her best friend at a pub to seek advice on what is happening to her.  Dori is a fortyish year old criminal public defender lawyer that works for the VII district.  During her past she also went through hard times, and she previously  seeked help from a mental counselor.   Zsofia tells her entire story while they were sipping a Cosmopolitan.  Upon its conclusion she needs help and realizes that her life is spinning out of control.   She will need counseling help with a professional, she needs advice from a person who does not know her and can be objective in helping realize the needed changes. 

Zsofia goes on a Google quest to find the ideal person.  The psychiatrist list seems endless, but she stops at Dr. Horvath Adrianne. Her recommendation of satisfied clients is impressive.  Even though Zsofia is a shy person she must mustered the courage  to make the initial contact. 

Dr. Horvath’s waiting room is elegantly furnished with a white noise generator functioning to prevent eavesdropping of the confidential information of her clients .

Zsofia immediately spoke about her feeling like an open faucet.  She explained about being burned out. She feels her life is out of control and zero motivation to get out of bed in the morning even though she has a seemingly normal life, she wants to be “fixed” .

“Zsofia, you are not “broken”. There is nothing to “fix”  You are probable going through a challenging time in your life” said Dr. Horvath

Zsofia said – “ I guess I agree with you to a certain extent. I am just completely unmotivated to go work or do anything else for that matter.  My mind seems to wander everywhere but where I need to be. I feel like I am a butterfly , flying from flower to flower without any purpose”

“ I am going to prescribe some medication that will change your mood slowly. They are not “happy pills” but medicine that work on your brain chemistry to increase the amount of serotonin in your brain making you feel happier” – said Dr. Horvath

Zsofia was not enthusiastic about Dr. Horvath’s suggestion since she is there to talk and someone to listen.  She does not believe that the situation is so severe that requires drugs to “fix” her.

“Tell me about your childhood” – said Dr. Horvath

Sophia responded – “My childhood was my happiest time of my life. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult, I wanted to be older right away.  Now, looking back, I want to get back my childhood.  I think my primetime was in my childhood. I was free and careless, and I felt the warm love that my parents provided me”

”.. and now?” – said Dr. Horvath

“ My life has changed; I am not happy with me being me.  I have no self-confidence.  I am my own self enemy. I tend to overreact to simple situations and then I feel guilty of my actions. I feel like a constant failure, and I am not a risk taker at all” I feel like I am drowning in a glass of water”  said Zsofia

Dr. Horvath ponder a bit and said – “ I am going to make an unconventional suggestion to you, and I hope you think about it seriously. It might benefit you if you have a focus point to give your life perspective. How about getting a pet such as a dog? Not just any dog but a dog that you can enjoy your lifestyle and your personality with. Not a huge or tiny dog a pet that will give you attention and love and you do the same back.  What do you think?

Zsofia thought it was an excellent suggestion and she had previously thought about this.  Such a simple solution but she had her fears about responsibilities. This would put her  outside of her comfort zone. She was hesitant about taking the next step. She thought WTF, I should make a change in my life let’s do it.

“How about a French Bull dog?” Zsofia asked

That sounds like a good idea but don’t buy it right away ask for a trial run to make sure you can handle it.



To Be Continued – look for the next chapter



Stature = the height of a person

Conventional = like average nothing out of the ordinary = Konvencionális

Figuratively = as an example = átvitt értelemben

 Literally = reality

Acute = very sharp, very professional  = Akut

Inherited = was donated by a family member  =  Örökölt

Foretell = predict, guess as the future Jósol

Trembling = shaking uncontrollably =  Reszketés

Episode = bllock of time =  Epizód

Sipping = drinking in little amounts at a time = Kortyolgatva




Must mustard the courage = needs to be brave

Eavesdropping = prevent spying or listening = Hallgatózás

Faucet =  in the kitchen and bathroom the tool that brings water out =csap

Severe = very strong critical = Erős

Ponder = think deeply = Latolgat


French Bull Dog  Here are 10 fun facts about adorable and cuddly French Bulldogs – Peet Corso

Trial run = try the item out before you buy =  Próba futtatása



Is Zsofia getting a dog will fix whatever she is feeling?

Was Dr. Horvath was very quick at coming to a conclusion in her diagnosis?

Don’t you think that Zsofia’s problem is just loneliness?

Is Zsofia going to the psychiatrist a good idea?

Can Dr. Horvath solve Zsofia’s issues?

Zsofia rejecting the medication was a smart move from her?

How do you predict that Zsofia’s life change after she buys a dog?

Are Zsofia’s problem basically based on her job?