Chapter 3 - The meeting

Even though Henry was sexually aroused by Dr. Horvath there was still the implacable curiosity about Amandine. He had to divide his attention with two people of interest, a thing that he did not like because he had a touch of autism. It bothered him that the world was not spinning fast enough and for things to happen at the speed he was used to.

His next arrangement with Dr. Horvath was due to the following week and meeting Amandine before that day was a must. He opened his FB again, his neurons working at high speed. He took a deep breath and wrote a new message for Amandine: “Hey Am, I was just wondering… Would you like to meet and hang out anytime this week? I was reminding myself how nice everything was back at high school, and I feel like meeting some old mates :)”

After a few minutes I got her answer: “Yeah, sure, why not?”


That same day we met at the Japanese restaurant as per her request.   Our first encounter was awkward. Even reading the restaurant menu felt uncomfortable.  Order sushi,  order sashimi, what to do? The tension diminished as we started with small talk and developed into more interesting conversation.  We talked about anything and everything and we had a great evening out. After dinner we went out for some cocktails at a fancy bar. I should mention that Amandine was a really cool woman who blossomed into a brand-new personality and sensual look.

I think she’d genuinely enjoyed our outing. Maybe I’m a better company when I’m not under the pressure of making someone like me because of course, I was not interested in Amandine, she was only a possible way to reach Dr Horvath’s attention, or so I thought.

Amandine had a contagious smile and you could actually determine from just looking at her that she had her heart in the right place.

Upon finising the date Amandine reach over and kissed Henry on the right cheek.  Just a small peck


To be continued  Chapter 4





Implacable = unable to be stopped; relentless.  engesztelhetetlen

Diminish = make or become less   csökken

Peck -




Do you think Henry will fall in love with Amandine?