Chapter 2 - “What is playing in my head?”

While walking under the incessant rain I was considering if it was worth continuing with my therapist, Dr Horvath.

My mind was a real mixture of emotions because I was feeling genuinely attracted to the doctor, but at the same time I knew she was just working and treating me as a patient. I didn’t even know if she was actually married or in a romantic relationship. I thought if I wanted to pursue this path, I would have to find out what her personal situation was. Then, I walked briskly home; I found a new mission, a new challenge. And if you know me, I love challenges especially the ones where I do not have all the necessary information to make an educated decision. I suddenly cared about my health since I needed all my strength to conquer the quest.

As soon as I got home, I quickly shed my clothes and looked at my naked body in front of the mirror. I realised that I was far from being an Adonis, as a matter of fact, I looked like a snake who just molted. I had pale scaly skin signs of dehydration from the many years of smoking and copious amounts of alcohol.” God I am a mess” While drying my body with a musty towel. 


I switched on my laptop, and I created a new Facebook and Instagram account under the nickname of Henry Botijos and sent Dr Horvath a friend request on both social medias. I wanted to spy on her and yet not look too creepy.  I guess I already passed the “creepy” stage.

As soon as I found Dr Horvath on social media I sent her friend requests and amazingly I received a quick acceptance on FB.

As all my body was filling with adrenaline I scammed on her friends list and I was astonished to find we already had a common acquaintance. She was one of my old high school classmates, Amandine Frais. I remember her as being a quiet and shy girl with beautiful long black hair and little brown eyes but that used to swell with tears frequently. She used to spend our break hours sitting at the playground with the rest of the girls in class but I recall she was not one of the most popular ones. She seemed lonely and

I felt this couldn’t be a life coincidence, it was fate calling me.  so I opted to take my chances and take this as the fortuitous opportunity which will take me into Dr Horvath loving arms.

I pinged Amadine and sent a friendly but clandestine message to capture her attention: “Hey Am, do you remember me? We went to secondary school together and I found out we have a friend in common. I am so glad to have found you again. Your photos look great BTW”.

I was anxious about her response; I was titillated just to have discovered her. “I wonder what she looks like now?”  Does she still cry easily and often and be unusually sensitive?”


On the other hand I was still thinking about Dr. Horvath and how I could master my plan to get closer to her. “Why am I obsessed with this venture? Why do I always want the unreachable? “  Hmm something to tell my newfound love, Dr. Horvath


To be continued - Chapter 3-  “The Meeting”




Acquaintance -  a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend.

Pinged = inquire to see if there is a connection

Incessant: continuing without stopping. Synonym = Continuous

To Pursue: to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat. Synonym= to follow

Briskly: Marked by speed, liveliness, and vigor; energetic

Conquer: to win by force or to make your opponents

Quest: a strong search for something or someone

Shed= to take off or peel off like a snake

Astonished = surprised to the point that it leaves you breathless

molted= the past tense of melt but is also known when a snake gets rid of the skin. The snake molted her sking

Scaly an animal that possesses scales like a fish or a snake   A scaly person is a person with really dry skin

Dehydration = lack of water and the water leaves

Creepy - a person who gives you the chills when you see him/her. Like




  • What was the main topic of this short story?  
  • Do you consider Henry an eviul character?
  • Do you think that Dr. Horvath can help him fix his broken heart?
  • What would guess the next chapter would tell you?